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First of all, could you please tell us a little bit more about your professional background and explain us the reasons that made you join the Zoin project ?

I have been working in the crypto sphere for the last 4 years. In the very beginning, I mostly took part in trading, but I soon moved on towards project management as I became well versed with blockchain technology.

When I discovered the Zoin project in February 2017, it interested me because I liked the idea of a coin that used the Zerocoin Protocol technology while being CPU-mineable only.

During that time, developer(s) of Zoin began to drop off from communication channels and were hard to get a hold of.

Soon it became clear that they would not return, so I (along with 3 members from the community) decided to take over the project and recruit some new members to complete the team.

By September 2017, we expanded multiple sectors of the Zoin team. We found some very dedicated and well experienced community members to contribute with development, marketing, and design. All of these team members continue to be actively involved with the project on a daily basis. The strength of the community joining together to contribute to Zoin is one of the greatest assets to our project.

Can you explain the story of Zoin, from its creation until now?

Zoin is a fork of Zcoin. It was forked about a month after Zcoin was created, and shortly after (mid-2017), Zoin was taken over by the community (Zoin’s current team members). We believe the original team left the project because they did not have the desire or skillset to fulfill the idea they started of a truly decentralized coin with total community governance. Since we took over the project, we’ve expanded Zoin to include a rebranded website, Linux and OSX wallets, an upgraded core version (0.13 for full-time Zerocoin protocol support), atomic swaps, security, and other various features. For Q1 2018, we are implementing Masternodes, Android and iOS mobile wallets, web wallets, and we are working to get listed on additional exchanges.

In the crypto currency market, there are over 1500 altcoins. What are the specialties and strengths of Zoin?

Zoin is the only cryptocurrency that really fulfills Bitcoin’s original ideas in a truly decentralized manner. In the early days of Bitcoin, you would hear things like 1 CPU = 1 Vote; in other words, anyone should be able to mine Bitcoin to support the goal of decentralization. Unfortunately, today, Bitcoin has become very centralized and divisive, not only with mining, but with exchanges, development decisions and so on. With Zoin, we are working towards fulfilling the original purpose of Bitcoin. We intend for Zoin to allow instant, low cost transactions, privacy, and a true community driven cryptocurrency. To this day, we have garnered thousands of community members who take part in Zoin’s future.

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What are Zoin’s main objectives for 2018?

Our main priority for Zoin is to continue developing new products and features to support the currency. This includes our web and mobile wallets, masternodes, a voting platform built into the wallet, and other features listed on our website’s roadmap. Additionally, and just as important, we are working to get listed on more exchanges, and expanding our marketing efforts.

What are the next key points of the 2018 roadmap?

On the development side, we are implementing masternodes (called Zoinodes), which will be a big leap forward – allowing for faster transactions, a more secure network, and various Zerocoin tasks. Additionally, we’ve been working on mobile (Android and IOS) wallets and web wallets which will be ready by Q2 2018.

Today, Zoin is only available on CoinExchange.io and Cryptopia and adding other exchange platforms is expensive. Do you intend to join some new exchanges despite the costs? If this is your intention, by what means do you intend to reach this goal?

We believe that liquidity is crucial and certainly intend on getting listed with more exchanges. We recently implemented development fund that gathers block rewards for 25,000 blocks and will be using some of these funds for new exchanges. This is a perfect example of Zoin’s community driven approach; the development fund amount was completely decided and voted on by the community. The community gives power to Zoin.

Zoin is already in contact with a variety of exchanges, including some that are truly decentralized and utilize Zoin’s atomic swap feature.

How is the team organized today (number of people, tasks repartition, etc…)

There are currently 9 team members who take care of planning and organization of the team’s workload :


Lead Core and Mobile Dev : @jackieboy

Android Wallet Devs : @Notawiz4rd and @flo071

Communication and Marketing: @om83 and @kamikaza

Advisor for Mining and Wallets: @pellkopf and @erik,

GUI and Website Designer: @Julien, french qualify designer

System Engineer: @pnus

Moderators: 6 community members who are doing a fantastic job (articles, social media, a Zoin wiki, and Discord)

Zoin is a project for and through the community. How big is it today?

Which roll plays the community inside the project?

The community grows a lot every day, currently we have:

– 4000+ followers on Twitter

– 1800+ members on Discord

– 500+ members on Reddit

– 600+ members on Telegram

The community ultimately chooses (votes on) Zoin’s direction, for things that are both big and small. The community voted for:

– The logo

– Hard cap 21 million

– Budget

– Development funding

– Slogan

– Masternode amount (how many coins necessary to create 1 MN)

Zoin is a Zcoin fork. What are your strengths versus Zcoin?

Zoin uses a CPU-only mining system

Zoin aims to be user-friendly with detailed written guides and clean, ergonomic wallets

Zoin is a true community coin that gives power to the users

Zoin will soon have official mobile wallets, not 3rd party

Zoin has a lower market-cap than Zcoin with plenty of room to grow

You wished to set up a decentralized governance. At which stage are you today? Will a platform like dashcentral.org be created to follow the votes of the community?

We believe strongly in community governance; therefore, we are working on adding the ability for users to vote directly from the Zoin wallet which will be set up in a similar idea to dashcentral.org yet with our own features. This will be a more decentralized way to vote than our current voting system. Additionally, Zoin was recently listed on BarterDEX, Cryptobridge, and soon Blocknet – these are all completely decentralized exchanges and allow for Atomic Swaps: a feature implemented in our BTC Core 0.13 upgrade that took place recently.

Your financing model is based on mining fees; How much do you earn today through the mining? Is it sufficient to pay the project development? or another system will need to be set up?

Late last year, we held a community vote to create the Zoin Foundation. Over 25,000 blocks, or 935,000 Zoin will be levied on mining in order to fund the Zoin Foundation. The foundation will use those funds to further development and marketing initiatives and other project needs. All of the Zoin Foundation transactions will be listed on the Zoin website for full transparency to the community. This fund was created with extra block rewards added to each block, not affecting miner rewards. 

The number of Zoin issued corresponds to 75% of the total number (16 million out of 21). When does a new Zoin issuance will end up? What is the inflation value?

Yes indeed, unfortunately these are parameters that were created by the creator, we were able to change some things by modifying the block halving and the reward for miners.

We will reach the 21 M in roughly 4 years and there will be no inflation (tail emission). Again, this was another decision that was voted on by the community. We have several goals and ideas for Zoin down the road that will make having the supply close to maximum a good thing. They will be added to our roadmap after Zoinodes(Masternodes) and Mobile Wallets are released. 

Which means do you intend to bring in order that Zoin can be quickly used as a mean of payment in the everyday life?

Part of achieving this is making Zoin as liquid as possible. We aim to add Zoin to a variety of exchanges this year and we are also making it as easy as possible for someone to send and receive Zoin, whether that be through mobile wallets, web wallets, desktop wallets, etc. Convenience is key to everyday life for most people. 

There is a strong competition inside the anonymous altcoins. What is your vision of the anonymous cryptos in a few years?

Each year, people are starting to realize that privacy coins are important. Bitcoin has been thoroughly tested at this point and one of the main concerns is its lack of privacy. Coins like Dash and Monero have reached the top 10 and people are catching on to the value of privacy coins. Newer protocols like Zerocoin still don’t have the same recognition, even though Zerocoin is the most academically studied privacy coin protocol out there. We believe Zerocoin will soon have its time to shine as it is the most versatile anonymous protocol out.


The legislation of the anonymous cryptos is moving. Do you think that they will still be alive in 10 years? This could cause some problems to the states and for the people taxes. What is your opinion on the future of anonymous crypto currencies?

Yes, I believe they do have a huge future. Cryptocurrency is perfect for borderless transactions and a secure store of value when world governments or economies falter. The world needs a decentralized way to send and receive money and people are quickly realizing the importance of privacy over their funds. Anonymous crytocurrencies like Zoin provide privacy just like cash transactions while eliminating third-party intermediaries. The value proposition of a cryptocurrency like Zoin provides is undeniable and, in my opinion, will allow it to grow despite a more complex global regulatory environment.

Which projects do you enjoy the most in the crypto? Why?

Privacy coins in general, but we also believe a community is a necessary part of a good cryptocurrency. So many coins now have things like air-drops, pump and dump schemes, etc.; they try to hype everything up but then they don’t really have an actual community, it’s just a lot of people trying to make a quick earning.

When we observe the huge growth of the crypto market in the last year, what are your feelings for 2018 and for 2019?

Our team believes that 2018 and 2019 will be huge for privacy coins and cryptocurrencies all around. Of course, there is always a bit of speculation and you need to take everything with a grain of salt, but if you look at the last few years, the market has increased massively, and privacy coins are just getting started.


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